The successful execution of an ENERGY STAR ® program can be quite an undertaking, but can also be exciting and rewarding. Retaining PEG as your ENERGY STAR provider can simplify the process.

  • PEG creates what is essentially a business model for delivering your ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes to your customers and manages this process from start to finish so that your internal resources can focus on what they already do best. 
  • The ENERGY STAR analysis and inspection progression will employ key PEG specialists in different roles, all of which will be pivotal to the success of the project and to delivering the performance expectations of each individual home. 
  • Our hands on training program for your project managers and subcontractors by our ENERGY STAR experts enables everyone to understand their role in making the project a seamless addition to their normal roles. 
  • Our industry leading reporting format and electronic record keeping processes keep your fingertips on the pulse of the project with simple, reliable access to every aspect of your program. 
  • Our marketing education seminars empower your sales, construction and service staff to fully understand the power of using the program to successfully differentiate your product from your competitors.
  • “ENERGY STAR is the government-backed program that helps us all save money and protect our environment with energy-efficient products and practices. Whether you are looking to replace old appliances, remodel your home, or buy a new house, ENERGY STAR can help. More than 60 types of products, including appliances, televisions, computers, heating and cooling equipment, and even new homes can earn the government's ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR also offers best-practice solutions to make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy costs.”
  • Please visit the ENERGY STAR Website for more information at

Barriers to the adoption of energy efficiency technologies and practices in the home building industry include resistance to change and concerns with program complexity, first cost decision making, and misunderstood long term benefits. This traditional thinking ignores the exceptional marketability of utility cost savings and improved comfort, durability and indoor air quality. Our ENERGY STAR program addresses these key market barriers and in doing so presents a strong business case for builders.

As your ENERGY STAR provider, PEG will provide turn key guidance for the critical characteristics of the local and regional market for your new homes including the following: 

  • Level of housing dispersion 
  • Rigor of prevailing energy code and enforcement 
  • Awareness and availability of energy efficient technologies and construction practices 
  • Adoption of Best Practices for your subcontractor base

In summary our comprehensive ENERGY STAR program features accurate analysis, training, inspections, and verification.

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